Eating disorder sufferers respond to the word 'fat' in this video

“I don’t like that word”

Eating disorder sufferers respond to the word 'fat' in this video


Why is it that we’ve attached so many negative conotations to the word ‘fat’? It’s a word that many of us fear when it comes to food, and the accusation of being called fat can hurt deeper than any other insults. 

In this very real video from WatchCut, several people (both male and female) who are recovering from eating disorders openly discuss what the word ‘fat’ has meant for them.

“Bad or like, the enemy,” said one woman. “If I were to be fat, then I would feel less about myself.” 

“I associated skinniness with being happy, and I associated being bigger with being unhappy, which is also b——- because you’re super unhappy when you have an eating disorder,” said another.

“There are lots of good fats, and I don’t think fat on your body is a bad thing,” said another, “and I don’t think fat in your food means fat on your body, but it’s been used as hate speech,” said one woman.

There was also one person who sums it up perfectly: “I see a lot of mothers with their daughters saying, don’t eat that or else you’re going to get fat. It’s like, is that really the one thing that you don’t want your daughter to be?”

But we see that it’s not only women that feel this way. “Fat on me feels like a failure,” one man responded.

While most of the messages in this video were negative, some believed that the way you approach fat can be good. “depending on how you image yourself, your fat can actually be great,” said a woman.

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