Plus size ballet dancer inspiring women with her moves

Frostine Shake is the curvaceous dancer showing women they can dance no matter their dress size.

Plus size ballet dancer inspiring women with her moves

PHOTO: Frostine Shake / Instagram.

Normally when you think ballerina thin and lithe comes to mind but one curvy dancer is hoping to change that.

Frostine Shake is a 30-year-old classically trained ballet dancer who is gaining online fame because of her curvaceous figure and the message her performances send about doing what you love, no matter your size. 

“I started formal ballet classes at the age of 6 or 7 and continued until I was 16 or 17,” Frostine told BuzzFeed.

But the buxom blonde quit ballet as a teen because of the pressure she felt to be thin.

“I just could not meet the demands of my instructors, and I didn’t really want to either,” she said.

Years later she decided to lace up her point shoes once again and combine her ballet training with her new found love of burlesque, a craft where she has found some success. 

And while her burlesque performances don’t specifically feature traditional ballet Frostine says, “I try to always carry the grace of ballet with me when I dance and I continue to be inspired by the art form.”

PHOTO: Frostine Shake / Instagram.

And it seems Austin-based Frostine has made quite the impact on her followers who have been inspired to ditch their negative body issues and just dance. 

“Your pointe photos inspired me to become a #plussizeballerina and [I] started yesterday! Thank you @frostine_shake,” one commenter wrote on an Instagram post.

Another woman wrote, “It’s really inspiring because I always wanted to do pointe but was afraid because of the pressure to be thin.”

Shake told Buzzfeed that she has managed to find a balance between her love of ballet and respecting her body. 

“Dance makes my body feel alive, and I try my best to do the art form justice — this includes loving my body.”

PHOTO: Frostine Shake / Instagram.

In general ballerinas are some of the most remarkable athletes in the world because dance, especially ballet, is one of the most dynamic workouts you can put your body through. 

Over the past few years the trend of ballet barre has skyrocketed and people aren’t bending and stretching to become the next Anna Pavlova, they are doing it to keep fit. 

Reasons to dance…

It not just your body getting a rigorous workout: Technique, timing and routine involved in dance means your mind is also being tested while you train. 

While dance is dominated by women, many men are trying it too: Including major athletes, soccer star Rio Ferdinand has claimed his footballing career was aided by his ballet practice which improved his balance, strength and flexibility.

Ballet is kind of like yoga: Formed on foundations of awareness, focus, submission, acceptance and receptivity, ballet teaches you that there is never an end to your dance practice and true distinction lies in the joys you find on your lifelong journey through the world of dance. 

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