The 3 self-defence moves that help sculpt Halle Berry’s killer abs

It might be a new year, but fitness Goddess Halle Berry is still providing the workout goods every Friday on Instagram.

Berry and her trainer Peter Lee Thomas titled their first ‘Fitness Friday’ of 2019 “Finding the Warrior Within.”

“Last year was a blast, but this year we’re going to challenge ourselves and you to work even harder,” she wrote to her 4.3 million Instagram followers. “Whether your warrior is in full bloom or if it’s hidden deep inside, we all have one!”

To do this, she shared a series of self-defence moves that will not only help you, “should you ever get knocked down”, but also doubles as a “killer ab” workout.

Check out her self-defence workout below:

Halle Berry shares her self-defence routine0:24

Actress and exercise lover Halle Berry has shared her intense self-defence routine.

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