These ‘grams from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are our new gym inspo

It’s that special time of year again when we race home from work, sprinkle ourselves with glitter, give ourselves a head of barrel curls, and strap in for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Wait, is that just us?

Regardless of how involved you like to get with this annual Instagram-jamming event, there’s one thing we can all agree on and that’s how fantastically toned the models are. Sure, we can put this mostly down to some pretty magic genes, but there’s no denying the models workout like athletes in the lead up to a show.

Read about VS model Goergia Fowler’s gruelling diet and exercise regimen in the lead up to the show here.

As summer fast encroaches, we’re using these backstage ’grams as the ultimate gym inspo. Enjoy!

Shanina Shaik keeps a vegan diet and never goes anywhere without these vitamins.

Read about how this VS model de-stresses, and the one workout tool responsible for Victoria Secret models’ butts!

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