This fitspo mum’s diet and exercise routine is beyond badass


Warning: this daily regime isn’t for the faint hearted. 

Fitspo star and mother of two Stephanie Sanzo began her fitness journey after her first pregnancy. She’d put on over 25kg so used training and healthy eating to get back to her pre-baby self.  Not only did she look good (have you seen those guns?!), this transformation helped her regain her confidence and gave her a whole new energy towards her life, children and career.

She decided to share her story on Instagram hoping to motivate, inspire, teach and encourage others with their fitness goals. And, boy has she. She now has over 1 million followers (yep, you read that right), she also competes in fitness modelling and powerlifting.

Steph, however, is proof that guns like these come as a result of hard work and dedication. Here she shared what a day in food, training and juggling work and kids looks like – spoiler: it’s exhausting but you’ll be glad to see a Netflix sess is still in there)…

Extreme weight loss and the impact it can have on the human body.

Stephanie Sanzo’s daily routine

7.00am Wake up + put on make up

7.30am Wake up kids + prepare them for school 

8.00am Meal prep for the day + have a coffee!

8.30am Eat (Meal 1)

8.45am School drop off

9.00am Business catch up (online work)

10.00am Training 

11.30am Eat (Meal 2)

12.00pm Run errands or business 

2.00pm Eat (Meal 3)

2.30pm Clean house

3.15pm School pick up 

4.00pm Prepare dinner 

4.30pm Serve kids dinner + eat (meal 4)

5.00pm Kids homework

5.30pm Bath kids

6.00pm Clean kids mess!

6.30pm Serve kids dessert + eat (meal 5)

7.00pm Prepare kids for bed

7.30pm Prepare post for Instagram

8.30pm Tuck kids in bed

9.00pm Eat (Meal 6)

9.30pm Post on Instagram

10.00pm Netfix with Bae 

11.00pm Bed 


Stephanie Sanzo’s day on a plate

Meal 1

Porterhouse Steak
Baby Carrot

Meal 2 

White Rice
Cup of Chicken Stock

Meal 3

Eye Fillet Steak
White Rice

Meal 4

Porterhouse Steak
Cup of Chicken Stock



Meal 5 


Meal 6


The reason behind what she eats:

Red Meat: Iron, B-vitamins, Zinc, magnesium, Creatine

Fish: Omega 3’s, EPA + DHA, B Vitamins, Potassium 

Eggs: Vitamin D, B-Vitamins, Zinc, Iron, Copper

Spinach: Minimal Bloating + Easy to Digest with High Amounts of Potassium + Vitamins

Carrot: Naringenin (Anti-Estrogen)

White Rice: Minimal Bloating + Easy to Digest with high GI content to increase metabolism 

Fruit: Small serves to stimulate the liver and thyroid function 

Almonds: Omega 6’s, Magnesium, Vitamin E

Yoghurt: Calcium 

Stephanie Sanzo’s exercise schedule

Resistance Training

*Lift heavy weights to build muscle, which increases speed of metabolism and muscle tone

Mon: Lower Body (Squats, Deadlifts + Quads & Hamstring Training)

Tues: Upper Body (Bench Press + Back, Shoulders & Tricep Training)

Wed: Lower Body (Machine Based Movements focused on Glutes)

Thurs: Upper Body (Shoulders, Back & Bicep Training) 

Fri: Lower Body (Deadlifts, Squats + Quads & Hamstring Training)

Sat: Upper Body (Bench Press + Back, Shoulders & Tricep Training)

Sun: Off




Usually 2-3 bouts of 10 mins steady state cardio each day to boost metabolism + help digestion.

Steph will be at the Fitness Show across the whole weekend, October 13 & 14 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Steph will co-host a daily free workshop ‘Training for strength vs Size’ in Muscle Beach. For more information visit

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