Weight loss: Kitchen gadgets that help you lose weight

If you’re on the road to a healthier you, these must-have kitchen items will help you on your way

Weight loss: Kitchen gadgets that help you lose weight


Losing weight means making some changes, so it’s important to equip yourself with the right tools for success. Nowhere is this more important than in the place most of our diet goals come unstuck – the kitchen.


If eating healthy is new to you, you’re going to need to employ a bit of mental trickery. Replacing pasta with vegetable noodles is a great way to reduce your carb intake and eat more vegetables.  But let’s be honest, if you’re a hard-core spag bol kid you’re going to need that fake pasta to look as close to the real stuff as possible.  

Sometimes just the action of being able to twirl something around your fork is enough to make you feel like it’s the real thing. Grab yourself a spiraliser – this device turns your vegetables into healthy pasta so you won’t be attached to a peeler for hours trying to DIY. The result is something that looks pretty close to spaghetti but just a little bit greener.


This is essential for every healthy kitchen because when you’re looking to lose weight, there’s no better way to cook than with hot air. Plus, preparing a meal is as simple as chopping ingredients, boiling some water and letting physics do the work.  Once you get into the habit of using one of these you’ll never be able to live without it.

I’ve been known to MacGyver one out of whatever’s available (I once sunk so low as to try and steam through towel). Lucky for you, you can buy one just about anywhere so you don’t have to cook using something you pulled out of the linen press.  

Tupperware and zip lock bags

Nothing will help you achieve your weight loss goals like preparing your meals in advance.  If you’re not a natural lunch packer, it’s time to get acquainted with the Tupperware aisle of the supermarket and stock up on zip lock bags.  You don’t need to cook a weeks worth of meals on Sunday. It can be as easy as preparing a little extra each night and popping it into a Tupperware container for lunch the next day.

No more worrying about wasting money on buying lunch, or wandering around looking for healthy options only to cave in and grab a burger. If you’ve got your meals and snacks prepared sticking to your diet goals will be a piece of (sugar-free) cake.

Small plates and bowls

Meals have a tendency to expand to the size of the crockery they’re served on, so it’s time to stop dishing your dinner onto something that resembles a lazy Susan. You don’t have to borrow the kitchen set from your kid’s dolls house but it’s important to take a look at the size of your crockery and see if it’s working against you.

Mandoline slicer

If your idea of cooking is opening a packet you’re going to need your food prep to be easy. With a mandoline slicer you can chop, slice and shred vegetables in seconds. It can even julienne and we all know that’s some Masterchef level stuff. Before owning one of these I couldn’t imagine uttering the words ‘I might make coleslaw.’ Now I could whip one up in minutes. (Just remember to use the safely guard – you don’t want the saying ‘I poured myself into this dish’ to be literal).

What the experts say…

Want even more ideas to add to the shopping list? Here are some suggestions from health experts: 

Dietician and Exercise Physiologist, Gabrielle Maston

“A blender is a must have to make simple and delicious meals.  In less than five  minutes you can whip up a fruit and veggie smoothie and run out the door.  Or if you have more time up your sleeve you can make a creamy heart warming soup.” 

Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, Dr Bill Sukala 

“A digital food scale can be a great way to train your brain to recognise what constitutes a single serve.  For some products this is much smaller than you’d think so it’s easy to overeat.  Once your brain understands what a portion looks like, you can graduate from using the scale.”

So get out there and get your kitchen on your side.

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